Nova Mentis Center

Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology center

Nova Mentis is a Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology center located in Galatina (Lecce) but with itinerant activities about sport psychology in all Italy. It promotes scientific and methodological innovations in the branch of psychology applied to sports and to clinical, with particular attention to stress and anxiety in athletic performances.

Novasport project is addressed to professional athletes and amateurs, sport clubs, sport centers, coaches and sport executives with the formula of expert advices and training.

The intervention aims are:

  • the streamlining of the athlete’s performances
  • the desensitization of sport traumas
  • the analysis and the coordination of the psychologic dynamics in sport teams (athletes, coaches and sport executives)
  • training and divulgation of “water-feedback” method among the cognitive neurosciences in sports and in clinical.

Nova Mentis today takes care of the sport preparation of famous professional athletes and of elitist sport clubs in the fields of cycling, watersports and boxing. Discover how you can improve your own performances, not only in sports, with Novasport protocol! Our experts are ready to follow you everywhere you want to go and everywhere sport is!

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